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Legendary Native American Figures: Nimerigar (Nunumbi)

Name: Nimerigar
Tribal affiliation: Shoshone, Paiute
Alternate spellings: Nim-me-rig-ar, Nomorika, Numurika, Numudeka, Neme-reka, Newe-dekka, Numu-tuhka, Nemetakah, Nimidica, Nuwa'deca
Also known as: Nunumbi, Ninipi, Ninimbe, Ninimpi, Ninumbi, Ninumbee, Nu'numbi, Nunnupi, Ninimbeb, Ninnumbee, Ninambea, Ninnimbe, Ninambitz
Pronunciation: varies widely by dialect; usually similar to nuh-muh-duh-kah. "Nunumbi" is pronounced nuh-num-bee.
Type: Little people, antagonists (in Wampanoag lore)
Related figures in other tribes: Cannibal dwarfs (Arapaho), Nirumbee (Crow), Pukwudgies (Wampanoag)

Although benign races of small magical creatures exist in many Native American tribes, the Little People of the Shoshone and Paiute tribes are dangerous man-eaters and enemies of humankind. "Nimerigar" is a corruption of the Shoshone and Paiute words meaning "people-eaters", and "Nunumbi" (and its many variants) means "little person."

Nimerigar Stories

    Brief article about the Nimerigar.

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