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Native American Legends: Nonoma

Name: Nonoma
Tribal affiliation: Cheyenne
Alternate spellings: Nonoma'e, Nunuma
Pronunciation: no-no-mah
Type: Thunder god, summer spirit
Related figures in other tribes: Animikii, Thunderer

Nonoma is the Cheyenne spirit of thunder. Cheyenne portrayals of Nonoma vary widely; some Cheyenne people describe Nonoma as a giant bird like the Thunderbird of other Plains Indian tribes, while others consider Nonoma an anthropomorphic demigod or abstract natural spirit like the Winter Wind, who is the opposing force to Nonoma. In either case, Nonoma is powerful and respected; he is associated with summer and the southern direction, and is the enemy of water monsters like Mehne and Axxea.

Nonoma Stories

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