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Waorani Counting Worksheet

Like many languages of South America, Waorani does not have many number words-- really only two. It is possible to count to high numbers in Waorani, but only by using long compound words combining the numbers one and two with the words for "hand," "more," and so on. For example, the Waorani word for "seven," ãẽmãẽmpoke go mẽña, literally means "right hand and two more" (i.e. one hand plus two fingers on the other hand.) Some Waorani speakers have begun to use the less cumbersome numeral system of Quichua for numbers higher than two instead.

Waorani language pronunciation guide

mẽña go aroke
mẽña go mẽña
ãẽmãẽmpoke go aroke
ãẽmãẽmpoke go mẽña
mẽña mẽña mẽña mẽña
ãẽmãẽmpoke mẽña go mẽña

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