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Oaxaca Chontal (Tequistlateco, Huamelua)

Chontal of Oaxaca is a Hokan language not to be confused with the Mayan language Chontal of Tabasco, to which it bears no similarity other than a similar name bestowed upon both by the Aztecs (chontalli just means "foreigner" in the Nahuatl language.) Oaxacan Chontal has two dialects, Lowland (Huamelua) Chontal and Highland (Tequistlatec or Sierra) Chontal. Lowland and Highland Chontal are so distinct from one another than native speakers cannot understand each other well without a translator, and so most linguists consider them distinct languages. Taken together, the two Oaxaca Chontal languages are spoken by more than 4000 people in Mexico today.

Chontal of Oaxaca Language Resources

Oaxacan Chontal Vocabulary
     Our list of vocabulary words in the Highland Chontal language, with comparison to words in other Hokan languages.
Highland Chontal Sound Archives
     Recordings of spoken Onondaga, Wampanoag, and Highland Chontal, as well as native music from various tribes.
Jley Nipingi Je'e Chontal:
    Words and sentences in the Oaxaca Chontal language.
Genesis in Oaxaca Chontal * Language Museum: Oaxaca Highland Chontal:
    Bible passages in the Chontal language.
Highland Oaxaca Chontal * Lowland Oaxaca Chontal
     Demographic information about Chontal from the Ethnologue of Languages.
Dictionary of Chontal to Spanish-English
     Trilingual Highland Chontal dictionary for sale online.
The Chontal Language (Dialect of Tequixistlan)
     Chontal linguistics book for sale online.
Chontal de Oaxaca
     Information about the Oaxaca Chontal language in Spanish.

Chontal of Oaxaca Culture and History Links

Highland Chontal
     Book on the Sierra Chontal tribe for sale.

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