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Pentlatch Language (Qualicum)

Pentlatch was a Salishan language of British Columbia, closely related to Comox. Though there are still people of Pentlatch descent today, the Pentlatch language was last spoken in the 1940's, and few records of it remain. Most Pentlatch people today are living together with the Kwakwakawakw in Qualicum First Nation.

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Pentlatch Language Resources

The Pentlatch Language
     Profile and linguistic bibliography of Pentlatch from the Yinka Dene Language Institute.
     Demographic information about the Pentlatch language from the Ethnologue of Languages.
Pentlatch Language Tree:
    Theories about Pentlatch's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.

Pentlatch Culture and History Links

Northern Georgia Strait Coast Salish:
    History of the Pentlatch, Comox, and Sechelt tribes in Canada.
Pentlatch Legends:
    Collection of Pentlatch mythology and traditional stories.
Canadian Peoples: Salish:
    Ethnography of the Pentlatch and other Salishan nations.
Pentlatch Map
     Map showing Comox, Sechelt, and Pentlatch Indian territories.
Salish Reburials Spark Calls for Respect of Dead
     Article about the recent reburial of unearthed Pentlatch Indian ancestors.
Canoeing Cultures: Coast Salish:
    Pentlatch and other Coast Salish canoe-building and traditional culture.

Links, References, and Additional Information

    Encyclopedia articles about the Pentlatch.
   Coast Salish:
   Encyclopedia articles about the Coast Salish tribes.
Qualicum (Pentlatch):
    Qualicum/Pentlatch links pages.
Lengua Pentlatch:
    Articles on the Pentlatch language in Spanish.
  Les Amérindiens Salish de la Colombie-Britannique * Salish de la côte * Famille des langues salish:
  Information about the Pentlatch tribe and other Salish people in French.

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