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Puquina Language (Pukina)

Puquina was one of the languages of the Inca civilization, spoken in the southern Andes (Peru, Bolivia, and Chile.) It was still spoken at the time of Spanish colonization, but is no longer spoken today. Most Puquina speakers shifted to the more populous Quechua and Aymara languages. The ritual Kallawaya language, still used for religious purposes by a sect of itinerant medicine men in Bolivia, is largely based on the ancient Puquina language. Although some Chipaya and Uru communities also use the name "Puquinas," this is a cultural connection on their part, not a linguistic one. The Uru-Chipaya languages are not related to the ancient Puquina language.

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Names: The original meaning of the name Puquina has been lost. The Quechua name for this tribe is Puqi, but it isn't clear whether this was an external name that the Quechuas used for them or their own name for themselves that the Quechuas borrowed. Their name has also been spelled Pukina or Puqina.

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Links, References, and Additional Information

Lengua Puquina * La Cultura Puquina * Idioma Puquina:
Information about the Puquina people and their language in Spanish.

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