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Native American Tribes of Quebec

This is an index to the Native American language and cultural information on our website pertaining to Quebec Indian tribes. Some pages contain more information than others. If you belong to an indigenous tribe from Quebec that is not currently listed on this page and you would like to see it here, please contact us about how to contribute information to our site.

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Did you know the name "Quebec" is an Algonquian Indian word? It comes from the Micmac word for "strait." The Micmacs were not the only native people to live in this region, however.

The original inhabitants of the area that is now Quebec included:

The Abenaki tribe
The Algonquin tribe
The Attikamek tribe
The Eastern Cree
The Huron tribe
The Inuit
The Maliseet
The Micmac tribe
The Mohawk tribe
The Montagnais
The Naskapi
The Ojibway

Federally recognized First Nations in Quebec today include:

Odanak First Nation (Abenaki)
102 rue Sibosis
Odanak, Quebec J0G 1H0

Wolinak First Nation (Abenaki)
4670 rue Kolipaio
Becancour Quebec G0X 1B0

Abitibiwinni First Nation (Algonquin)
180 rue Abitibiwinni
Pikogan, Quebec J9T 3A3

Eagle Village First Nation (Algonquin)
PO Box 756
Kipawa Quebec J0Z 3R0

Kitigan Zibi First Nation (Algonquin)
PO Box 309
Kitigan Zibi Indian Reserve Quebec J9E 3C9

Atikamekw Nation
Wemotaci, Quebec G0X 3R0

Waswanipi First Nation (Cree)
Waswanipi River
Waswanipi Quebec J0Y 3C0

Mistissini First Nation (Cree)
Mistissini Lake, Baie-du-Poste
Chibougamau Quebec G0W 1C0

Ouje-Bougoumou First Nation (Cree)
207 Opemiska Street
Ouje-Bougoumou Quebec F0W 1H0

Wemindji First Nation (Cree)
Wemindji Quebec J0M 1L0

Huron-Wendat First Nation
255 rue Chef-Michel-Laveau
Village-des-Hurons Wendake Quebec G0A 4V0

Malécite First Nation
5805 rue Chauveau
Montreal Quebec H1N 1H5

Listuguj First Nation (Micmac)
PO Box 298
Listuguj Quebec , G0C 2R0

Gaspe First Nation (Micmac)
C.P. 69-Fontenelle
Gaspe Quebec G0E 1H0

Gesgapegiag First Nation (Micmac)
PO Box 1280
Maria Quebec , G0C 1Y0

Kahnawake First Nation (Mohawk)
PO Box 720
Kahnawake Quebec J0L 1B0

Mamit Innuat (Montagnais/Naskapi)
350 rue Smith, bureau 250
Sept-Iles Québec G4R 3X2

Recommended books about Quebec Native Americans:
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*Native Peoples of Quebec: Introduction to the Native American tribes of Quebec.
*Indians of Quebec and the Maritime Provinces: Overview of East Coast First Nations history and culture.

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Other resources about American Indian history, culture and society in Quebec province:

Waban-Aki Nation: Coalition of the Abenaki First Nations of Quebec.
Algonquin Nation Tribal Council: Representing the Algonquin bands of Barriere Lake, Timiskaming, and Wolf Lake.
Algonquin Anishinabeg Tribal Council: Representing the Pikogan, Kipawa, Kitcisakik, Kitigan Zibi, Lac Simon, and Winneway bands.
First Nations of Québec: Articles and information on Quebec's aboriginal peoples.
Quebec First Nations: Maps and cultural information about Quebec Native Americans.
Indians of Canada and Quebec: Historical information on Quebec's First Nations.
Aboriginal Place Names of Quebec: Map of Quebec labeled with placenames in Quebec Native languages.
Nations of Quebec: Map showing the location of the 60 First Nations reserves of Quebec.

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