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Native American Legends and Stories about Rulers of the Dead

Rulers of the Underworld in Various Native American Tribes

Chibiabos (Potawatomi Indian ruler of the dead)
Kudo (Bribri Indian king of the dead)
Maasaw (Hopi Indian god of the dead)
Matiguas (Abenaki Indian ruler of the dead)
Mictlantecuhtli (Aztec Indian god of the dead)
Moqwaio (Menominee ruler of the dead)
Sedna (Inuit goddess of the dead)
Temayawet (Mission Indian god of the dead)

Realms of the Dead in Various Native American Tribes

*The Big Sand (Gros Ventre land of the dead)
*Xibalba (Maya Indian land of the dead)

Stories about Native American Rulers of the Dead

Másaw, the Caretaker:
    Legend about the Hopi people's first encounter with Skeleton Man, the lord of the dead.
Maya Death Gods:
    Articles on the various names of the Mayan Indian deities who ruled the underworld Xibalba.
*Manabush and his Brother: * Manabozho's Wolf Brother:
    Menominee stories telling how Nanabozho's brother Moqwaio became chief of the dead.

Recommended Books about Gods of the Dead in Native American Mythology
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Death Gods: An Encyclopedia of the Rulers, Evil Spirits, and Geographies of the Dead:
    Interesting book on the gods and lands of the dead in world mythology, including Native American myths.
Stories of Maasaw, a Hopi God:
    Good collection of legends about the Hopi Indian death god, put together by two Hopi authors.

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