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Vocabulary in Native American Languages: Seminole Words

There are two languages spoken by the Seminole Tribe, Miccosukee and Muscogee Creek. These are related Muskogean languages, but they are different enough that Miccosukee and Creek speakers cannot easily understand each other. Here is a comparative chart of some basic vocabulary words in the two languages.

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Seminole Word Sets

English (Français) Creek Miccosukee
One (Un) Hvmken Lhaamin
Two (Deux) Hokkolen Toklan
Three (Trois) Tuccenen Tocciinan
Four (Quatre) Osten Ostaakan
Five (Cinq) Cahkepen Cahappaakan
Man (Homme) Honvnwv Nakni
Woman (Femme) Hokte Tayki
Dog (Chien) Efv Iifi
Sun (Soleil) Hvse Haasi
Moon (Lune) Hvresse Niilhaasi
Water (Eau) Owv Ooki
White (Blanc) Hvtke Hatki
Yellow (Jaune) Oklane Lakni
Red (Rouge) Cate Kitisci
Black (Noir) Lvste Looci
Eat (Manger) Pvpetv Impa
See (Voir) Hecetv Hica
Hear (Entendre) Pohetv Hakla

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