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Sissipahaw Tribe

The Sissipahaw Indians were a small tribe of North Carolina, allies of the Catawba Indians. Their language was never recorded, but may have been a Siouan language similar to Catawba. The Sissipahaws no longer exist as a distinct tribe. They merged together with their Catawba neighbors in the 18th century. Most Sissipahaw descendants still live among the Catawbas today, although like other Carolina Siouan groups, there are probably people of Sissipahaw descent among the Lumbee tribe.

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Sissipahaw Language Links

Shoccoree-Eno Language Tree:
    Theories about Shakori and Sissipahaw language relationships compiled by Linguist List.

Sissipahaw Culture and History Links

Sissipahaw Tribe History:
    Article on the Sissipahaw tribe from the Handbook of American Indians.
Carolina Indians: Sissipahaw:
    Information about the historical Sissipahaw tribe of North Carolina.
NC-Pedia: Sissipahaw Indians:
    Information about the Sissipahaw presence in North Carolina.
North Carolina Map:
    Tribal map showing the location of the Sissipahaw and other North Carolina peoples.
Sissipahaw People:
    Wikipedia article on the Sissipahaw Indians.
Four Directions: Sissipahaw:
    Timeline and links about Sissipahaw history.

Books for sale on the Sissipahaw Indians
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The Siouan Tribes of the East:
    Book on the history of the Southeast Siouan tribes, including a chapter on the Sissipahaw and Woccon tribes.
Down Along the Haw: The History of a North Carolina River:
    Interesting history of the Haw River, beginning with the Shakori and Sissipahaw people who first inhabited its banks.

Links, References, and Additional Information

Los Tribus Siouan de Carolina:
Information about the Sissipahaws and other Carolina Siouan tribes in Spanish.
Sissipahaw Tribe:
Sissipahaw links page.

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