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Native American Legends: Skadegamutc (Ghost-witch)

Name: Skadegamutc
Tribal affiliation: Mikmaq, Maliseet, Passamaquoddy, Abénaki
Alternate spellings: Skudakumooch', Skite'kmuj
Pronunciation: skuh-deh-guh-mooch
Also known as: Ghost-witch, Ghost witch
Type: Ghost, witch

A Skadegamutc, or ghost-witch, is an undead monster of the Wabanaki tribes. Usually a skadegamutc is said to have been created upon the death of an evil magician who refuses to stay dead, but comes to life at night to kill, eat, and throw curses at any unlucky humans who come across them. The only way to permanently kill a ghost-witch is by fire.

Ghost-Witch Stories

*The Lost Hunters:
    Maliseet Indian stories about a man killed by a skadegamutc.
*An Abenaki Witch Story:
    Abenaki Indian story about a man killed by a ghost witch.

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    Good book of Native American myths and folktales told and illustrated by an Abenaki author.
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