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Legendary Native American Figures: Spider Grandmother (Koyangwuti, Kokyangwuti)

Name: Spider Grandmother
Tribal affiliation: Hopi
Name in Hopi: Koyangwuti
Also spelled: Kokyangwuti, Kookyangwso'wuuti, Kookyangw Wuuti, Kokyangwuti, Kohkang Wuhti, Khk'ang Wuhti, Kohkangwuhti
Pronunciation: koh-kyang-woo-tee or koh-kyang-so-woo-tee
Also known as: Spider Woman, Old Spider Woman
Type: Creator goddess, spider, wise woman
Related figures in other tribes: Spider Woman (Navajo)

Spider Grandmother is the special benefactor of the Hopi tribe. In the Hopi creation myths, Spider Grandmother created humans from clay (with the assistance of Sotuknang and/or Tawa), and was also responsible for leading them to the Fourth World (the present Earth.)

Spider Grandmother Stories

*The Spider Woman and the Twins:
    Hopi legend about the birth of Spider Grandmother and her first creations.

Recommended Books of Related Native American Legends

The Fourth World of the Hopis:
    Excellent collection of Hopi legends, stories, and prophecies, including the creation cycle of Spider Grandmother.
And It Is Still That Way:
    Charming anthology of legends told by Hopi and other Arizona Indian children.
Spider Spins A Story:
    Beautiful children's book presenting Native American spider stories from many tribes, including the Hopi.

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