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Susquehannock Indian Language (Susquehanna)

Susquehannock was an Iroquoian language of the Northeast Woodlands. The language is extinct and tragically so are the Susquehannock as a tribe; the Susquehannocks were devastated by smallpox, and a lynch mob massacred the survivors in 1763. There are still some people of partial Susquehannock descent among the Iroquois and Lenape tribes today.

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Susquehannock Language Resources

Susquehannock Vocabulary
     Our list of vocabulary words in the Susquehannock language, with comparison to words in other Iroquoian languages.
     Ethnologue entry for the extinct Susquehannock language.
Susquehannock Language Tree:
    Theories about Susquehannock's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
Lengua Susquehannock
     Information about the Susquehannock language in Spanish.
A Vocabulary of Susquehannock
     Susquehannock dictionary for sale.

Susquehannock Culture and History Links

Susquehannock History
     Lee Sultzman's tribal history of the Susquehanna Indians.
Where Are The Susquehannock?
     Story of the Conestoga massacre that destroyed the Susquehannock Indians, with a list of the names of the slain.
Pennsylvania Indian Map * Maryland Indian Map:
    Tribal maps showing the original lands of the Susquehannock Indians and their neighbors.
Four Directions: Susquehannock:
    Timeline and links about Susquehannock history.

Books for sale on the Susquehannock Indians
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Annals of the Susquehannocks
     History book on the Susquehannock and other Indian tribes of Pennsylvania.

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Links, References, and Additional Susquehannock Resources

   Andastes (Susquehanas):
    Information about the Susquehanna tribe in French.
   Susquehannock Tribe:
   Susquehannock links.

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