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Legendary Native American Figures: Sweet Medicine (Arrow Boy)

Name: Sweet Medicine
Tribal affiliation: Cheyenne
Native Names: Motsé'eóeve, Motzeyouf
Pronunciation: similar to moat-seh-eh-oive
Also Known As: Arrow Boy, Sweet-Medicine, Arrow-Boy, Arrowboy, Sweet Root
Type: Medicine man, hero

Sweet Medicine was an important legendary prophet and medicine man of the Cheyenne tribe. He also went by the name Arrow Boy as a youth, although Sweet Medicine is his more important name and is the literal translation of his Cheyenne name Motzeyouf (which refers to the sacred herb sweetgrass.) Sweet Medicine predicted the arrival of white men, among other things.

Sweet Medicine Stories

*The Life and Death of Sweet Medicine:
    Saga of the Cheyenne hero Sweet Medicine, including his final prophecies about the future.
*Arrow Boy:
    Legend of the Cheyenne medicine child Arrow Boy (or Motzeyouf.)

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Tales of the Cheyennes:
    Collection of Cheyenne legends and folktales.
Algonquian Spirit:
    Excellent anthology of stories, songs, and oral history from the Cheyenne and other Algonquian tribes.

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