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Tanaina Language (Dena'ina, Kenaitze)

Tanaina is an Athabascan language of Alaska, spoken by around 100 people in the villages around Cook Inlet. Despite the similarities in their names (which both mean "the people,") Tanaina is distinct from the Tanana languages and should not be confused with them.

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Tanaina Language Resources

Tanaina Animal Words:
     Illustrated glossary of animal words in the Tanaina language.
     Brief profile of the Tanaina with a language map and audio clip of a traditional greeting.
Dena' ina Language Guide
     Linguistic grammar of Tanaina with morphology, syntax, and a verb glossary.
Dena'ina Language Institute
     Homepage of a Tanaina language learning program, with audio files.
Athapaskan Languages of Alaska
     Place names in Tanaina, Ahtna, Koyukon, Gwich'in, and Tanana.
House of Languages: Dena'ina:
    Information about Dena'ina language usage.
House of Languages: Tanaina:
    Information about Tanaina language usage.
Tanaina Language
     Tanaina demographic information from the Ethnologue of Languages.
Tanaina Language Tree:
    Theories about Dena'ina's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
Tanaina Language Structures:
    Tanaina linguistic profile and academic bibliography.
Kenai Tenaina Noun Dictionary
     Tanaina dictionary for sale online.
Kenaitze Director Keeps Heritage Alive
     Article on Dena'ina culture and language revival.
Tanaina Legends:
    Collection of Tanaina mythology and traditional stories.
Athabaskan Clothes:
    Pictures of Alaskan Athabaskan clothing, jewelry and beadwork.
Knik Tribe License Plates:
    License plates from Tanaina Athabaskan bands.
Four Directions: Tanaina:
    Timeline and links about Tanaina history.

Books For Sale On The Tanainas
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Tanaina Tales From Alaska
     Collection of Tanaina Indian transformation legends. (These were the inspiration for Disney's "Brother Bear" movie, incidentally.)

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Additional Resources, Links, and References

   Lengua Tanaina:
   Information about the Dena'ina language in Spanish.
Learning Tanaina:
Bibliography of Tanaina language learning resources.

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