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Tequesta Indian Language

The Tequesta Indians were a tribe of eastern Florida, closely connected with the Ais. Their language was never recorded. Like the Calusa, the Tequesta were devastated by European diseases. Some of the survivors were sent to Cuba by the Spanish, while others may have merged with other Floridian Indians and eventually joined the Seminole tribe.

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Tequesta Culture and History Links

Tequesta Indian History:
    Article on the Tequesta tribe from the Indian Tribes of North America.
Early Tribes: Tequesta:
    Information about the Tequesta tribe of South Florida.
The Tequesta of Biscayne Bay:
    Overview of the ancient Tequesta lifestyle.
    Wikipedia article on the Tequesta Indians.
The Tekesta or Tequesta Tribe:
    Profile of the Tequesta civilization.
Four Directions: Tequesta:
    Timeline and links about Tequesta history.

Books for sale on the Tequesta Indians
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Ancient Miamians: The Tequesta of South Florida:
    Book on the history and culture of the Tequesta tribe.
Native Americans of Florida:
    Book on the history of Florida's Indians, including a chapter on the Tequesta.

Links, References, and Additional Information

Arqueologia Tequesta: * Los Tequesta:
Information about the Tequestas and their language in Spanish.

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