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Native American Legends: Thunderer (Wakinyan)

Name: Thunderer
Tribal affiliation: Dakota, Lakota, Nakoda
Native names: Wakinyan, Waukkeon, Waukheon
Pronunciation: wah-keen-yahn
Also Known As: Thunder Bird, Thunder Being, Thunder Spirit, Thunders
Type: Nature spirit, thunder, lightning
Related figures in other tribes: Thunderbirds, Nimki, Bineshii, Seven Thunders

Wakinyan, known in English as the Thunderer or the Thunderbird, is a powerful sky spirit of Sioux mythology. The Thunderer has the form of a giant bird, with wings that make the sound of thunder and eyes that shoot lightning. The Thunderer is the mortal enemy of the horned serpent Unktehi.

Thunderer Stories

*Wakinyan Tanka, the Great Thunderbird:
    Lakota Sioux legends about the Thunderer.

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