Tjekanefir's Incarnations

Welcome to my eclectic website. Actually it got a little bit too eclectic... due to an increasing amount of traffic to the Amerindian project we bought it its own domain name, so you can now find all the Native American language and culture material at (the old address,, still works but I don't know for how long.)

Since the bandwidth there is limited, I have migrated all my gaming stuff to or, and our Ataniel fic over to Kris' site at

Here are the links to the specific pages I moved, in alphabetical order:

Computer Games

Arcanum of Steamworks and Magick Obscura
Arcanum PC Cheat
Arcanum Review
Baldur's Gate: Shadows of Amn
Baldur's Gate: Athkatla
Baldur's Gate: Spellhold
Baldur's Gate: Underdark
Baldur's Gate Maps
Baldur's Gate II Walkthrough
Baldur's Gate II NPCs
Blade of Destiny
Computer Adventure Games
Computer Game Reviews
Computer Role-Playing Games
Game Walkthroughs
The Longest Journey
The Longest Journey Review
The Longest Journey Walkthrough
Shadows of Amn Cheat
Shadows of Amn Quests
Shadows of Amn Review
Syberia Review
Syberia Walkthrough
Tjekanefir's Incarnations
Throne of Bhaal
Wizardry 8


Book of Ataniel
Campaign Chronicle #1 (Sunny)
Campaign Chronicle #2 (Janther)
Campaign Chronicle #3 (Threnody)
Campaign Chronicle #4 (Flicker)
D&D Maps
D&D Quotes
Encyclopedia of Ataniel
Hell And Back
Here in the Forest, We Have No Psychodramas
Heroes of Ataniel
History of Ataniel
Our Time In Eden
Rat Kings
Run Down Like Waters
Storyboard Archives
Tales of Significance
We'll Always Have Paris