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U'wa Language (Tunebo, Uwa, Uwcuwa)

U'wa is a Chibchan language of South America, spoken by 5000 people in in northeastern Colombia and western Venezuela. There are several different dialects of the Tunebo/U'wa language, and some linguists consider them distinct enough to be different languages.

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U'wa Language Lessons and Linguistic Descriptions

U'wa Words
     Our list of vocabulary words in the U'wa language, with comparison to words in other Chibchan languages.
Uwa Pronunciation Guide:
    How to pronounce Uwa words.
Uwa Animal Words:
     Illustrated glossary of animal words in the Uwa language.
Northern Colombia Language Map:
    Map showing where in South America the Tunebo language is spoken.
Tunebo Language (U'wa):
     U'wa language information including a linguistic map of Colombia. Page in Spanish.
Central Tunebo Language * Gramatica de la Lengua Tuneba * Diccionario Bilingue Uw Cuwa * Tunebo Grammar:
    Tunebo Phonology * Texto Tunebo * Uwa Indian Map:
    Scanned-in Central Tunebo language materials from the Rosetta Project. (Most are in Spanish.)
Tunebo Prayers:
    U'wa translation of the Lord's Prayer.
House of Languages: Uwa:
    Information about Uwa language usage.
Angosturas Tunebo * Barro Negro Tunebo * Central Tunebo * Western Tunebo
     Demographic information on U'wa from the Ethnologue of Languages.
Tunebo Language Tree * Agua Blanca Tunebo Language Tree * Cobaría Tunebo Language Tree * Barro Negro Tunebo Language Tree:
    Theories about Uwa's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
Tunebo Language Structures:
    Uwa linguistic profile and academic bibliography.
The Grammar of Tunebo
     Tunebo linguistics text for sale online.

U'wa Culture and History Links

     Homepage of the U'wa indigenous community of Colombia. Site in Spanish.
U'wa People
     Wikipedia article on the U'wa/Tunebo tribe.
U'wa In Crisis * The U'wa Struggle * Open Letter from the U'wa People * U'wa Tribe's Suicide Pact:
     Articles about the U'wa Indians' fight to prevent oil drilling on their ancestral lands.
El Pueblo U'wa * Los indios uwa * Los kogi y los u'wa:
     Information about the U'wa tribe in Spanish.

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