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Vilela Indian Language

Vilela is an indigenous language of Argentina. Some linguists consider Vilela to be a language isolate unrelated to any other living language, but other linguists have linked it with another Argentinian language, Lule, into a small Lule-Vilela language family.
Vilela is a seriously endangered language, still spoken today by only a handful of elders.

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Vilela Language Resources

Indigenous People of Argentina and Chile:
    Map showing where in South America the Vilela language is spoken.
Vilela Words
     Our list of vocabulary words in the Vilela language.
La Lengua Vilela:
    Information on Vilela including a linguistic map of South America. Page in Spanish.
House of Languages: Vilela:
    Information about Vilela language usage.
Ethnologue: Vilela:
     Demographic information on the Vilela language.
     Wikipedia entry on the Vilela language.
Vilela Language Tree:
    Theories about Vilela's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.

Vilela Culture and History Links

Los Vilela (Uakambalelté) * Lules y Vilelas:
    Information about the Vilelas in Spanish.

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