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Native American Legends: Winpe

Name: Winpe
Tribal affiliation: Mikmaq
Alternate spellings: Win-pe
Pronunciation: win-pay
Type: Giant

Winpe is a character in Mi'kmaq legends. He is a giant with magical powers who is an adversary of the culture hero Glooskap, having captured the hero's grandmother Nukumi and adopted brother Marten. In some versions of the story, Winpe is an evil, brutish villain who is killed by Glooskap, while in others, he is boisterous but honorable and is defeated by Glooskap in a series of tests of magical power. In one version of the Winpe legend, he was even the originator of the game of lacrosse, which Glooskap took from him and shared with the people.

Winpe Stories

*Glooskap and Winpe:
    Winpe story including the origin of lacrosse.
*The Kidnapping of Glooskap's Family * A Wizard Carries Off Glooscap's Housekeeper:
    Versions of the Winpe legend in which the giant is slain by Glooskap.

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