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Yoranahua Indian Language (Yoranawa)

Yoranahua is a Panoan language of South America. Some linguists consider it a dialect of Sharanawa.
Yoronahua is spoken by 200 people in eastern Peru. It is is an agglutinative language with SOV word order.

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Yoranahua Language Resources

Yora Language:
    Brief Wikipedia article on Yoranahua.
La Lengua Parquenahua:
    Information on Sharanawa and Parquenahua including linguistic maps of Peru and South America. Page in Spanish.
Lenguas Pano:
    Spanish-language information on Yora and the Panoan languages.
House of Languages: Yora:
    Information about Yora language usage.
Yoranahua Language:
    Demographic information on Yoranahua from the Ethnologue of Languages.
Yora Language Tree:
    Theories about Yoranahua's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.

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