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Zuni Indian Language (Shiwi, Ashiwi)

The Zuni are Pueblo people, descendants of the ancient Anasazi civilization, but the Zuni language is unrelated to any other Pueblo language--in fact, it is unrelated to any other known language, though some linguists have suggested it may be very distantly connected to the Penutian languages. Zuni is spoken by more than 6000 people in New Mexico today.

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Zuni Indian Language
Zuni language samples and resources.

Zuni Tribe Culture and History
Information and links about the Zuni people past and present.

Zuni Indians Fact Sheet
Our answers to common questions about the Zunis.

Zuni Indian Legends
Introduction to Zuni mythology.

Zuni Language Resources

Our Online Zuni Language Materials

Zuni Vocabulary
     Our list of vocabulary words in the Zuni language.

Zuni Dictionaries, Audio Tapes and Language Resources
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Zuni Language Learning Manual:
    Book on the Zuni language for sale online.
Native American Indian Dictionaries:
    Zuni and other American Indian dictionaries and language materials.

Zuni Language Lessons and Linguistic Descriptions

Zuni Sounds
     Audio files of spoken Zuni words.
Zuni Indian Language * Sketch of the Zuni Language * Zuni Orthography * Zuni Grammar:
    Zuni Texts * Zuni Story:
    Scanned-in Zuni language materials from the Rosetta Project.
Zuni Alphabet:
    Phonological inventory of the Zuni language, with a sample text.
Table of Zuñi Sounds
     Pronunciation guide to the Zuni language.
El Morro Vocabulary:
    Online dictionary of words from the Keres, Zuni and Navajo languages.
Pueblo Placenames:
     Southwestern place names in Zuni, Tiwa, Tewa, Keres, and Jemez.
House of Languages: Zuñí:
    Information about Zuni language usage.
Ethnologue: Zuni:
    Demographic information about the Zuni language.
Zuni Language Tree:
    Theories about Zuni's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
Zuñi Language Structures:
    Zuni linguistic profile and academic bibliography.
*Zuni Vocabulary:
    Early 20th-century wordlists of the Zuni langauge.

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Links, References, and Additional Information

Zuni Language:
Encylopedia articles on the Zuni Indian language.
Lengua Zuni:
Information about the Zuni language in Spanish.
Zunis * The Zuni Indians:
Zuni links.
Zuni Tribe:
Zuni Indian books.

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