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Akuriyo Indian Language (Akurio, Akuri, Wama)

Language: Akuriyo is a Carib language of South America, spoken today by only a handful of elders in Suriname. Most Akuriyo people have switched to the neighboring language Trio. Akuriyo is an agglutinative language with complex verb morphology.

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Names: Alternate spellings of their tribal name include Akurio, Akuri, Akurijo, Akuliyo, Akulio, Akoerio, Akuriyó, Akuriyana, and Akuria. Akuriyo bands include the Wama (also known as the Wayarikule, Wayaricuri, Wayarikure, Wayacule, Wayakule, Wayarikoele, Irakule, Oyaricoule, or Oyaricoulet,) the Triometesen (also spelled Triometesem or Tiriyometesem), the Turaekare, and the Akuriekare.

Our Akuriyo Language Materials

Akuriyo Words:
    Our list of vocabulary words in the Akuriyo language, with comparison to words in other Cariban languages.

Akuriyo Language Resources

House of Languages: Akurio
     Information about Akurio language usage.
    Demographic information on Akuriyo from the Ethnologue of Languages.
Akurio Phonology:
    Linguistic chart of phonemes in the Akurio language.
Akurio Language Tree:
    Theories about Akuriyó's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
Omniglot: Akurio:
    Language profile and sample text in Akurio.

Books for sale on the Akuriyos
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On Reconstructing Grammar: Comparative Cariban Morphosyntax:
    Linguistics text on the grammatical structure of Akuriyo and other Cariban languages.
Manufacturing Otherness: Missions and Indigenous Cultures in Latin America:
    Interesting book about the roles of the Akuriyo and other native peoples in Latin American society.
The Akuriyo of Surinam: A case of emergence from isolation:
    Ethnographic information about the Akuriyo tribe.
Native Books:
    Evolving list of books about Native Americans in general.

Akuriyo Culture and History Links

Indigenous Peoples: Akuriyo:
    Brief profile of the Akuriyo tribe.
Akurio Cultural Objects:
    Museum exhibit with photographs of Akurio clothing, tools, and other artifacts.
Wikipedia: Akurio People:
    Encyclopedia article about the Akurio and their language.

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Links, References, and Additional Information

  Endangered Languages Project: Akuriyo:
Bibliography of Akuriyo language resources.
  OLAC: Akuriyo:
  Reference list of Akuriyo language materials.
  Akuriyo: Turaekare en Akuriekare * De Akuriyo:
  Information on Akuriyo in Dutch.
  La Lengua Akuriyo:
  Information on Akuriyo in Spanish.

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