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Araona Indian Language (Arauna, Cavina)

Language: Araona is a Pano-Tacanan language of South America, spoken by 75 people in Bolivia. Araona is an agglutinative, consonant-rich language with primarily SOV word order.

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Names: Araona is the people's name for themselves in their own language. They are sometimes also known as the Caviña. This was originally the name of one of the two Araona moeities (clan groups) and is today used as a regional place name; it is also the source of the name of the related Cavineña tribe. Alternate spellings of these names include Arauna, Arahuna, Alaona, Cavina, Kavina, and Kaviña. The Araona have occasionally also been known as the "Southern Quechua," primarily due to their mythology being similar to that of the Quechuas. The Araona language is completely unrelated to the actual Southern Quechua language.

Araona Language Resources

Araona Words:
    Our list of vocabulary words in the Araona language, with comparison to words in other Pano-Tacanan languages.
Araona Language * Araona Orthography * Araona Phonology * Araona Vocabulary * Araona Text:
    Scanned-in Araona language materials from the Rosetta Project.
Araona Phonology:
    Linguistic chart of phonemes in the Araona language.
Diccionario araona:
    Araona-Spanish dictionary available online.
La Lengua Araona:
    Information on Araona including a linguistic map of Bolivia. Page in Spanish.
Araona Bible Passage: * Genesis in Araona:
    Araona bible translations.
House of Languages: Araona
     Information about Araona language usage.
Ethnologue: Araona:
    Demographic information on the Araona language.
Wikipedia: Araona:
    Encyclopedia entry on the Araona language.
Araona Language Tree:
    Theories about Araona's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
Araona Language Structures:
    Araona linguistic profile and academic bibliography.

Books For Sale On The Araonas
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Diccionario Araona y Castellano
     Spanish-Araona dictionary for sale online.
Languages of the Amazon
     In-depth book about Araona and dozens of other Amazonian Indian languages.
Native Indian Books:
    Evolving list of books about Native Americans in general.

Araona Culture and History

Araona Indigenous People:
    Article on the history and traditions of the Araona tribe.
  Endangered Languages Project: Araona:
Bibliography of Araona language resources.
Cultura de los Araona * Etnia Araona * Pueblo Araona * Idioma Araona:
    Information about the Araonas and their language in Spanish.

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