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"Parts of the Body" Checklist

If you would like us to add an online worksheet for your language, simply send us a list of the names of the 17 body parts depicted on this page. If your language uses different word forms for "my head," "your head," and so on, then please use the first-person form ("my head") since that is the easiest form to teach kids to start with. We can also host audio recordings of you saying the names, if you like.

The photographs we have used are stock images of acclaimed Native actors Adam Beach and Irene Bedard. We believe using pictures of contemporary Native celebrities makes this lesson more attractive to kids. To the best of our knowledge these photographs are acceptable for educational public use. Feel free to contact us with any feedback.

2. back

3. stomach/belly

4. finger

5. foot
1. body

6. head

7. arm

8. hand

9. leg

11. hair

12. cheek

13. nose

14. chin

10. face

15. eye

16. ear

17. mouth

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