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Indigenous Native American Tribes and Languages of Brazil

This is an index to the Native American language and cultural information on our website pertaining to Brazilian Indian tribes and the languages they speak. Some pages contain more information than others. If you belong to an indigenous tribe from Brazil that is not currently listed on this page and you would like to see it here, please contact us about how to contribute information to our site.

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There are around 200 indigenous languages spoken in Brazil. (The exact number of languages is difficult to pinpoint, because not everyone agrees on which languages are distinct from each other and which are actually dialects of a single language.) Most of these languages have only a few hundred speakers apiece, but some of them have more substantial language communities. The native Brazilian language with the most speakers is Kaiwa Guarani, with more than 15,000 speakers. Other major indigenous languages of Brazil include Terêna, Kaingang, and Nheengatu. Although Portuguese is the only national language of Brazil, Nheengatu and Kaiwa Guarani are official languages in particular municipalities of Brazil.

Click these links to learn more about Native American cultures and languages in Brazil:

*The Amahuaca Indians *The Apalai Indians *The Apinaye Indians *The Apurina Indians
*The Arara do Para Indians *The Arawa Indians *The Arawete Indians *The Arua Indians
*The Aruan Indians *The Ashaninka Indians *The Atroari-Waimiri Indians *The Bakairi Indians
*The Baniwa Indians *The Bara Indians *The Baré Indians *The Bororo Indians
*The Caiua Indians *The Camara Indians *The Canamari Indians *The Canela Indians
*The Carapana Indians *The Cariay Indians *The Carib Indians *The Carutana Indians
*The Cashinahua Indians *The Cawishana Indians *The Caxuiana Indians *The Chiquitano Indians
*The Chontaquiro Indians *The Cocama Indians *The Cubeo Indians *The Culino Indians
*The Curipaco Indians *The Deni Indians *The Desano Indians *The Guajajara Indians
*The Guana Indians *The Guanano Indians *The Guarani Indians *The Hixkaryana Indians
*The Iauanaua Indians *The Ikpeng Indians *The Ingariko Indians *The Irantxe Indians
*The Jumana Indians *The Kadiweu Indians *The Kaingang Indians *The Kamayura Indians
*The Karaja Indians *The Karipuna Indians *The Kariri Indians *The Katukina Indians
*The Kaxararí Indians *The Kayabi Indians *The Kayapo Indians *The Kuikuro and Kalapalo
*The Kulina Indians *The Machinere Indians *The Macushi Indians *The Macuna Indians
*The Madi Indians *The Mamainde Indians *The Manao Indians *The Mandauaca Indians
*The Mapidian Indians *The Maquiritare Indians *The Maragua Indians *The Marawan Indians
*The Mariate Indians *The Marubo Indians *The Matipuhy Indians *The Matis Indians
*The Matses Indians *The Mawakua Indians *The Maxakali Indians *The Mehinaku Indians
*The Miranha Indians *The Moronawa Indians *The Munduruku Indians *The Nambikwara Indians
*The Nocaman Indians *The Nuquini Indians *The Palicur Indians *The Paresi Indians
*The Passe Indians *The Paumari Indians *The Pemon Indians *The Piraha Indians
*The Piratapuyo Indians *The Pisabo Indians *The Poyanawa Indians *The Remo Indians
*The Sabanes Indians *The Saluma Indians *The Sarave Indians *The Shaninawa Indians
*The Sharanahua Indians *The Sikiana Indians *The Siriano Indians *The Suruwaha Indians
*The Tariano Indians *The Tembe Indians *The Terena Indians *The Ticuna Indians
*The Tiriyo Indians *The Tuberao (Aikana) Indians *The Tucano Indians *The Tuxinawa Indians
*The Tuyuca Indians *The Uainuma Indians *The Waimaha Indians *The Waiwai Indians
*The Wapishana Indians *The Waraiku Indians *The Warekena Indians *The Waura Indians
*The Wayampi Indians *The Wayana Indians *The Wirina Indians *The Xavante Indians
*The Xipaya Indians *The Xiriana Indians *The Xokleng Indians *The Yabaana Indians
*The Yaminawa Indians *The Yaruma Indians *The Yawalapiti Indians *The Zoe Indians

Recommended books about Brazil's Native Americans:
(Our organization earns a commission from any book bought through these links)

*Brazil's Indians and the Onslaught of Civilization:
    Book on the main effects of European colonization on Brazil's native peoples.
*The Unconquered:
    Interesting book about the struggle to defend the uncontacted tribes of the Brazilian rainforest.
Tales from the Rain Forest:
    Primary collection of myths and legends from Amazonian Indians in Brazil.
Languages of the Amazon:
    In-depth linguistics book including information about dozens of Brazilian indigenous languages.
*Die If You Must: Brazilian Indians In The Twentieth Century:
    History and cultural evolution of the Indians of Brazil.
The Forbidden Lands: Colonial Identity, Frontier Violence, and the Persistence of Brazil's Eastern Indians:
    History of the east Brazilian tribes.
Racial Revolutions: Antiracism and Indian Resurgence in Brazil (Latin America Otherwise):
    Study on Indian identity among Brazil natives.
*Red Gold:
    History of the Portuguese conquest of the native Brazilians.

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Other resources about American Indian history, culture and society in Brazil:

Brazil Native Animals: Picture dictionary showing animal words in native Brazilian languages.
Encyclopedia of Indigenous People in Brazil: Facts and photographs on Brazilian tribes.
Indigenous Peoples in Brazil: Wikipedia article overviewing Brazil Indians and their history.
Brazil Indigenous Groups: Fact sheets, bibliographies, and links on 58 Indian tribes of Brazil.
Survival: Indians in Brazil: Information, pictures, and news on Brazil tribes from an indigenous rights organization.
Swadesh Lists of Indigenous Brazilian Languages: Word lists for many different Indian languages spoken in Brazil.

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