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Caquetio Language

Caquetio is an extinct Arawakan language of South America and the Caribbean, once spoken in northwestern Venezuela, Curacao, and Aruba. The Caquetio language is nearly unattested, but according to historical records it was very similar to the living language Guajiro.

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Caquetio Language Resources

Caquetio Vocabulary:
    Our list of vocabulary words in the Caquetio language, with comparison to words in other Arawakan languages.
Palabras Caquetías
    Another Caquetio wordlist. Page in Spanish.

Caquetio Culture and History

Britannica: Caquetio People * Wikipedia: Caquetios:
    Encyclopedia articles about the Caquetios.
Caquetíos de Paraguaná * Los Caquetío:
     Information about the Caquetio tribe in Spanish.

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