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Cherokee Culture and History

As a complement to our Cherokee language information, we would like to share our collection of indexed links about the Cherokee people and various aspects of their society. The emphasis of these pages is on American Indians as a living people with a present and future as well as a past. Cherokee history is interesting and important, but the Cherokee are still here today, too, and we try to feature modern writers as well as traditional folklore, contemporary artwork as well as archaeology exhibits, and the issues and struggles of today as well as the tragedies of yesterday. Suggestions for new links are always welcome.

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Our Cherokee Websites

Cherokee Language:
    Information and language learning materials from the Cherokee Indian language.
Cherokee Facts for Kids:
    Questions and answers about Cherokee culture.
Cherokee Legends:
    Collection of Cherokee Indian legends and folktales.

Cherokee Tribal and Community Websites

A word about Cherokee tribes. There are three federally recognized Cherokee tribes, the Cherokee Nation and the Keetoowah Band in Oklahoma and the Eastern Band of Cherokees in North Carolina. Then there are many other groups across the country who claim to be Cherokee nations. As a Cherokee man, that is a difficult situation for me. Some of these groups have state recognition, or they are Cherokees fighting for land in our traditional territories, or they are Cherokee communities who have moved to other places in the country. Then how can I say they are not Cherokee, just because the federal government doesn't want to recognize them? But on the other hand, without federal recognition, they don't have to prove their identity. And unfortunately there are many groups who are not Cherokee at all that claim to be a Cherokee tribe for one reason or another--some are new age cultists or something like that who don't know anything about real Cherokees, or worse, some are trying to trick the government or people of Cherokee descent into giving them some money. How can I tell these groups apart just from a webpage? So I have included all the unrecognized tribes I came across together in one group here. This website takes no responsibility for the authenticity of any of them, neither do we wish to slander them as fakes. Any group I already know is a fake I have not included here.

Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma:
    Homepage of the Cherokee Nation.
Eastern Band of Cherokees:
    Homepage of the Eastern Cherokees of North Carolina.
Northern Cherokee Nation of Missouri and Arkansas * Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee * Echota Cherokee Tribe:
    The Southern Cherokee Nation * Cherokee Tribe of Northeast Alabama Tallige Cherokee Nation:
    The Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee * Southeastern Kituwah Nation * The Cherokee Indians of Georgia:
    Tennessee River Band of Chickamaugan Cherokees * Southern Cherokee Nation of Kentucky
    The Cherokee Indian Tribe of South Carolina * The Amonsoquath Powhatan-Cherokee Tribe:
    Federally unrecognized Cherokee bands or tribes.
Housing Authority of the Cherokee Nation:
    Tribal organization to provide decent, safe, and sanitary housing to Oklahoma Cherokees.
Cherokee Casino Resort (OK) * Harrah's Cherokee Casino (NC):
    Homepages of the Cherokee tribal casinos.
Cherokee Heritage Center:
    Organization dedicated to Cherokee history, culture and arts.
Cherokee National Historical Society:
    Organization preserving the history and culture of the Cherokee people.
Cherokee Cultural Society of Houston:
    Organization working to build community and preserve the Cherokee heritage.
Cherokees of California:
    Nonprofit organization promoting Cherokee language, culture and history.
Museum of the Cherokee Indian:
    Exhibits, archives and information from the North Carolina Cherokee museum.

Books for sale on the Cherokee
Our organization earns a commission from any book bought through these links

Beginning Cherokee:
    Cherokee language learning book for sale online.
Cherokee Proud:
    How-to book about Cherokee genealogy.
Cherokee Trickster Stories * Aunt Mary, Tell Me A Story:
    Books of Cherokee legend and folktales.
History, Myths, and Sacred Formulas of the Cherokees * Signs of Cherokee Culture:
    Anthropology/ethnology books about the Cherokee Indians.
Cherokee Women:
    An interesting book on the role of women in Cherokee society past and present.
Cherokee Cavaliers * After the Trail of Tears * Cherokee Americans:
    Books on Cherokee Indian history
Trail of Tears * Voices from the Trail of Tears * Walking the Trail:
    Good books about the Cherokee Trail of Tears.
Soft Rain:
    A nice children's book about the Trail of Tears, moving but not overly disturbing.
Rabbit Goes Duck Hunting * How Rabbit Lost His Tail * Rabbit and the Wolves * Rabbit and the Well:
    A series of Cherokee books about the legendary trickster Rabbit getting into and out of trouble.
*Yonder Mountain:
    Children's book by a Cherokee author, based on a traditional myth about a mountaintop rite of passage.
Seeking The Corn-Mother's Wisdom:
    Book of Cherokee stories and spirituality revolving around Selu the Corn Mother.
Selu and Kana'ti: Cherokee Corn Mother and Lucky Hunter * The Opossum's Tale * Rabbit Plants the Forest * Turtle's Back:
    Picture books based on Cherokee Indian legends.
American Indian Literature:
    Evolving list of books by and about Native Americans in general.

Maps of Cherokee Territory

Georgia Indian Map * North Carolina Indian Map * South Carolina Indian Map * Tennessee Indian Map:
    Kentucky Indian Map * Alabama Indian Map * Virginia Indian Map * West Virginia Indian Map:
    Tribal maps showing the location of the Cherokee Indians and their neighbors.
Virtual Museum of New France: Southeastern Indians:
    Historical maps and articles about the Cherokee, Catawba, Caddo, and other southeast tribes.

Cherokee Lifestyle and Tradition

Cherokee Culture:
    Articles on Cherokee culture and traditions from the Cherokee Nation.
Cherokee People * The Texas Cherokee:
    Overviews of the Cherokee tribe.
Cherokee Mailing Lists:
    Seven lists covering Cherokee culture, history and genealogy.
Cherokee Nation Forum:
    Free online bulletin boards on Cherokee topics.
Tsalagi Webring:
    Cherokee culture web ring.
Pictures of the Cherokee Nation:
    Oklahoma Cherokee photographs.
Cherokee Flags:
    Flag of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, also a traditional Cherokee Peace Flag.
Keetoowah Cherokee Flag:
    Flag of the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee.
Cherokee Nation License Plates * Keetoowah Cherokee Plate * Cherokee License Plate:
    Oklahoma Cherokee license plates.
Cherokee Moons:
    The Cherokee months of the year.
Raven's Tsalagi Page * Cherokee On-Line * Cherokee Heritage * Tsalagi Cherokee Resources * Cherokee Lodge:
    Pitter's Cherokee Trails * The Cherokee People:
    Pages with cultural information and links about the Cherokee people.
Rebuilding the Cherokee Nation:
    Speech by former Chief Wilma Mankiller on the future of the Cherokee Nation.
The Cherokee Tear Dress:
    History of traditional Cherokee women's clothing, with a photograph.
Southeast American Indian Clothing * Native American Clothes * Native American Turbans * Indian Hair:
    Pictures of Muskogee, Choctaw and Cherokee clothing styles.
History of the Native American Indian Dog:
    Image gallery documenting Cherokee and other Indian relationships with their dogs (long load time, but worth
    it for the poignant picture of the Cherokee family dog on the Trail of Tears with them).
Cherokee Food * Cherokee Cookbook * Cherokee Foods and Recipes * Cherokee Fried Hominy * Jellico Recipe:
    Cherokee Succotash * Venison Stew * Cherokee Corn Chowder * Cherokee Buffalo Stew:
    I-Ya (Pumpkin Rings) * Sweet Kush:
    Cherokee recipes.
Cherokee Stomp Dance:
    Article on stomp grounds and traditional dancing.
History of American Indian Lacrosse:
    Cherokee double-stick lacrosse.
Orrin Lewis * Wolf Lady's Cave * Sharon MacGregor * Little Flute:
    Personal pages of Cherokee individuals.
Cherokee Nation * Cherokee People * Cherokee:
    Encyclopedia entries about the Cherokee Indians.
Cherokee Indians * Cherokee Tribe: * Cherokee Customs: * Cherokee History:
    Simple articles on the Cherokee Indians, written for kids.
Cherokee Page * Cherokee Resources * Cherokee Genealogy Links * Cherokee Links:
    Cherokee bibliographies, resource lists, and links pages.

Cherokee Religion and Myth

Native American Religions:
    Advice for people researching traditional Cherokee religion and other American Indian spirituality.
Cherokee Sacred Colors * Seven Ceremonies * Cherokee Death Traditions * Tsalagi Belief * Four Wind Messengers:
    Articles on Cherokee ceremony and traditional beliefs.
Cherokee Herbs * Cherokee Medicine and Ethnobotany:
    Articles on Cherokee Indian herbalism.
Cherokee Religion:
    Online texts on Cherokee ceremonies, myths, and religious traditions..
Eagle Feathers and the Path of Good Medicine:
    The significance of eagle feathers to the Cherokee.
Cherokee Stories:
    The art of Cherokee storytelling.
Cherokee Legends:
    Collection of Cherokee Indian legends and mythology.

Cherokee Literature and Art

Native American Authors: Cherokee Tribe * Cherokee Authors * Diane Glancy * Rayna Green:
    Information and links about many different Cherokee writers.
The Cherokee Messenger:
    Quarterly journal of Cherokee literature in Tsalagi or English.
Cherokee Images:
    Pottery made by Cherokee artist Ken Masters.
Jesse Hummingbird:
    Paintings by Cherokee artist Jesse Hummingbird.
Cherokee Baskets:
    Cherokee basketry, with history, links, and an online course in how to make them.
Cherokee Crafts:
    Information and links on Cherokee beading, basketry, and other craftwork.
Cherokee Artifact Display * Cherokee Art and Artifacts:
    Photos of rivercane baskets and other Cherokee Indian artifacts.
Martha Berry's Cherokee Beadwork * Susan Minor, Bead Lady:
    Cherokee beaded art.
Wes Studi Homepage * Meeting Magua * Studi Group Fan Club:
    Sites about Cherokee actor Wes Studi.
Cherokee Songs:
    Cherokee music available in MP3.
Cherokee Drumming:
    Music from Cherokee drummer Walker Calhoun.
Cherokee Traditional Music:
    Music by Cherokee flutist Tommy Wildcat.
Elk Whistle:
    Music by Cherokee flutist Bill Neal (Mah-na-che-a-shun).
Phillip "Yogie" Bread:
    Music by a Kiowa-Cherokee contemporary musician.
Cherokee Art Links * Karen Burns Parker * Roger King * Connie Seabourn:
    Cherokee artists.
All Things Native * NDN Art Gallery * Guthrie Studios:
    Cherokee and other Oklahoma Indian arts, crafts, and jewelry for sale.
Swan Song Storytelling:
    Homepage of a Cherokee-Mohawk musician and storyteller.
Native American Indian Art:
    Information, photographs and links about Cherokee and other native art.

Cherokee News and Messageboards

The Cherokee Observer:
    Longstanding independent Cherokee newspaper.
Cherokee One Feather:
    Tribal newsletter of the Eastern Cherokees.
Cherokee Indian Nation * Cherokee Native Americans Club * Cherokee Nations:
    Cherokee online communities (primarily English-language).

Cherokee History and Biography

Cherokee History:
    Tribal history of the Cherokee.
Cherokee Culture: History:
    Articles on Cherokee history from the Cherokee Nation.
Cherokee History:
    Comprehensive overview of Cherokee Indian history.
Trail of Tears Era * The Trail Where They Cried * John Burnett's Story of the Trail of Tears * Samuel's Memory:
    The Trail of Tears * The Cherokee Trail of Tears * The Trail Where They Cried * The Trail of Tears:
    "Princess Otahki" and the Cherokee Trail of Tears * Trail of Tears * Jackson's Trail of Murder:
    Sites about the Trail of Tears and the Cherokee Removal of 1838-1839.
The Cherokee Cases:
    Discussion of the Supreme Court cases Cherokee Nation v. Georgia and Worcester v. Georgia.
Cherokee Nation v. State of Georgia:
    The legal decision in favor of the Cherokees written by John Marshall.
Cherokee Nation:
    Cherokee history page, with many articles and links.
Cherokee Historical Information:
    Historical archive of the Cherokee people.
Cherokee Nation v. Delaware Tribe of Indians:
    Historical text of a legal dispute between the Cherokee Nation and the Delaware Indians.
Cherokee Letter:
    Text of John Ross' 1836 letter protesting the duplicitous Treaty of New Echota.
Cherokee Constitution:
    Constitution of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.
John Ross, Leader of the Cherokee * Cherokee Chiefs: John Ross * John Ross, Cherokee * John Ross (Kooweskoowe):
    Sites about John Ross.
Major Ridge, Cherokee Chief * Major Ridge (Kah-nung-da-tla-geh) * Major Ridge:
    Sites about Major Ridge.
Cherokee Brigadier General Stand Watie * The Life of Stand Watie:
    Sites about Stand Watie.
Sequoya's Talking Leaves * Sequoyah * Sequoyah's Numerals * Sequoyah, Cherokee Inventor:
    Sequoyah Birthplace Museum * The Cherokee Indian Alphabet * Sequoya * Sequoyah of the Tsalagi:
    Sites about Sequoyah and the invention of the Tsalagi syllabary.
Duwa'li on the St. Francis River * Chief Bowles Funeral * Principal Chief Bowl:
    Sites about Duwali, Chief Bowles.
Dragging Canoe:
    Timeline and biography of Dragging Canoe.
Wilma Mankiller * Chief Wilma P. Mankiller * Wilma Mankiller * Cherokee Chief Wilma Mankiller:
    Sites about Wilma Mankiller, former Chief of the Cherokee Nation.
Nancy Ward, Cherokee Tribal Leader * Nanye-Hi (Nancy Ward) * Nan-ye'-hi, Beloved Woman of the Cherokee:
    Nancy Ward:
    Sites about Nancy Ward (Nanyehi).
Will Rogers Home Page * Will Rogers * Will Rogers:
    Sites about Will Rogers, legendary Cherokee actor and humorist.
Native American Authors: Carolyn Attneave * In Memoriam: Carolyn Attneave:
    Sites about Carolyn Attneave, Cherokee-Delaware psychologist and philosopher.
Four Directions: Cherokee:
    Timeline and links about Cherokee history.

Cherokee Genealogy Links

Cherokee Genealogy:
    Comprehensive list of Cherokee genealogy resources including online lists of Cherokee rolls.
Cherokee Genealogical Resources:
    Genealogy information from the Cherokee National Historical Society.
Cherokee Indian Genealogy:
    Genealogical assistance from the Cherokee Heritage Center.
Cherokee Genealogy Forum * Cherokee Ancestry Messageboards * Oklahoma Genealogy Lists: Cherokee:
    Native American Genealogy Lists:
    Mailing lists and bulletin boards for Cherokee genealogy.
Why Your Great-Grandmother Wasn't A Cherokee Princess * Myth of the Cherokee Princess:
    Articles about the mythical "Cherokee Princess."
Cherokee Research:
    Resource lists for Cherokee genealogy.
So Your Grandmother Was a Cherokee Princess:
    Irreverent but useful article from the Cherokee Messenger about reclaiming your Indian heritage.
Cherokee Nation Tribal Registration:
    Enrollment instructions from the Oklahoma Cherokee.
NC Cherokee Reservation Genealogy:
    Enrollment instructions from the Eastern Band of Cherokee.
Cherokee Indians:
    Cherokee research file from Roots-L.
Dawes Rolls of the Five Civilized Tribes:
    Searchable database of the Dawes Roll of Cherokee and other Southeastern tribes relocated to Oklahoma.
Nancy Ward * Descendants of Nanye'hi:
    Websites for the descendants of Nancy Ward.
Sequoyah's Descendants:
    Family tree of the descendants of Sequoyah.
Will Rogers and His Descendants:
    Family tree of the descendants of Will Rogers.
Cherokee-Blackfoot Stories:
    Interesting theory that people of "Cherokee-Blackfoot" ancestry are actually of Cherokee-African descent.
Cherokee and Proud:
    Personal homepage of a Cherokee woman and her family history.
Cherokee Proud:
    Book on Cherokee genealogy for sale.
Guide To Discovering Your Cherokee Ancestors:
    Genealogical guide aimed at descendants of colonial intermarriages between Cherokee and English or French traders.
American Indian Genealogy:
    Direction for those seeking Cherokee and other American Indian ancestors.

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Links, References, and Additional Information

   Wikipedia: Cherokee * Cherokee Indigenous People of North America * The Cherokee: * Cherokee Tribe:
   Encyclopedia articles about the Cherokees.
   Cherokee Tribe * Cherokee: * Cherokees:
   Cherokee links.
   Los Cherokee * Los Chéroqui:
   Information about the Cherokees in Spanish.

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