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Hohe (Hhe)

"Hohe" is an alternate name for the Assiniboine tribe. It comes from the name for the Assiniboines in the language of the neighboring Lakota and Dakota tribes, Hhe. The meaning of this name is somewhat uncertain. Most English sources translated it as "fish-eater," but modern Lakota and Dakota speakers disagree with this translation (ho can mean "fish," but he does not mean "eat.") Some sources say it means "rebels" or "people who broke away," but no word like this has ever been recorded in any Siouan language as far as we know. Most likely "Hohe" was originally an onomatopoetic word mimicking the Assiniboine accent, which is noticeably different than Lakota and Dakota accents. It does not have any meaning to Sioux speakers today besides referring to Assiniboine people.

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