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Palaihnihan Languages

Palaihnihan (also Palaihnih or Palaiks) is a term used primarily by anthropologists and linguists to refer to the Pit River tribes of Northern California (the Achumawi and Atsegewi) and their languages. The word "palaihnihan" does not have any meaning in the Achumawi or Atsugewi languages, and is probably derived from the Klamath word for their neighbors, P'laikni, which means "highlanders." The Palaihnihan languages are considered by some linguists to be a subset of the Hokan language family.

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Palaihnihan Resources

Here are links to our webpages about the Palaihnihan languages and cultures:
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Here are links to online resources about the Palaihnihan languages:
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Books about the Palaihnihan Indians

Here are a few good books about the Palaihnihan tribes:
 Annikadel: The History of the Universe as Told by the Achumawi Indians
 The Morning The Sun Went Down
 Surviving Through the Days

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