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Southern Arapaho

"Southern Arapaho" is a phrase with a few different, and sometimes confusing, meanings.

1) The Southern Arapaho Tribe refers to one of the two main divisions of the Arapaho people. Today the Southern Arapahos are located in Oklahoma, where they share the Cheyenne and Arapaho reservation with the Southern Cheyenne.

2) Southern Arapaho was one of the major dialects of the Arapaho language, so called because it was originally spoken by bands in the southern part of Arapaho territory. However, both the people today known as "Northern Arapaho" and "Southern Arapaho" are speakers of the original Northern Arapaho dialect. The Southern Arapaho dialect was spoken by the Nawathineha and related bands, and although there are Nawathineha descendants among the Southern Arapaho tribe, the Southern Arapaho dialect is no longer spoken today.

3) The Nawathineha band was often historically referred to as the "Southern Arapaho," due to their location at the southern part of Arapaho territory. Indeed, their Arapaho name means "southerners." However, the Nawathineha made up only a small part of the broader Southern Arapaho division. There are still Nawathineha descendants in the Southern Arapaho tribe today, but most Southern Arapaho people descend from Hinono'eino bands (sometimes known as "Arapaho Proper" in historical texts.)

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