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Algonquian Language Family (Algic, Algonkian Indians)

Though these languages are most properly known as 'Algic' to linguists (Wiyot and Yurok are not considered closely related enough to qualify as part of the Algonquian grouping, and the broader category Algic includes them as well), 'Algonquian' (also spelled 'Algonkian') is the general term which is most often used by the Native American people who speak them.

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Spoken in the northern United States and Canada, the Algic language family includes:
  • Eastern Algonquian Languages
  • Abenaki-Penobscot (Dialects: Abenaki and Penobscot)
  • Maliseet-Passamaquoddy (Dialects: Maliseet and Passamaquoddy)
  • Mi'kmaq (Micmac)
  • Lenape-Renape Languages
  • Delaware (Lenape)
  • Munsee
  • Nanticoke
  • Mohican-Loup Languages
  • Mohican (Mahican/Stockbridge)
  • Mohegan (Pequot)
  • Narragansett
  • Wampanoag (Massachusett)
  • Central Algonquian Languages
  • Cree-Innu Languages
  • Atikamekw (Tete de Boule)
  • Cree
  • Michif (Cree-French creole)
  • Montagnais
  • Naskapi
  • Ojibwan Languages
  • Algonkin (Algonquin)
  • Ojibwe (Chippewa, Ojibwa, Ojibway, Anishinabemowin)
  • Ottawa (Odawa)
  • Kickapoo
  • Menominee
  • Mesquakie-Sauk (Sac and Fox)
  • Miami-Illinois
  • Potawatomi
  • Shawnee
  • Plains Algonquian Languages
  • Arapahoan Languages
  • Arapaho
  • Gros Ventre (Atsina)
  • Blackfoot (Siksika, Peigan, Blackfeet)
  • Cheyenne
  • California Algic (Ritwan) Languages
  • Wiyot
  • Yurok
  • Lost/Unattested/Uncertain Algonquian Remnant Languages:
  • Beothuk
  • Etchemin
  • Loup A/Loup B
  • Lumbee (Croatan, Pamlico)
  • Powhatan (Virginia Algonkian)
  • Naugatuck/Quiripi/Unquachog
  • Our Algonquian Language Features

    Algonquian Vocabulary:
        Words in various Algonquian Indian languages.
    Algonquian Words in English:
        The impact of Algonkian languages on English.

    Algonquian Language Books
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    Bibliography Of The Algonquian Languages:
        Pilling's venerable survey of Algonquian linguistics.
    Bibliography of Algonquian Linguistics:
        More recent, expanded survey of Algonquianist literature.
    Outline for a Comparative Grammar of some Algonquian Languages:
        Modern translation of a 1910 survey of Algonquian grammar.
    Computer-Generated Dictionary of Proto-Algonquian:
        Historical linguistics compilation of original Algonquian language roots compared to their modern pronunciation.

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    Links to Other Algonquian Language Resources

    Ethnologue: Algic Language Family:
        Demographic information about the Algonquians and their languages.
    Algonquian Languages:
        Population and language use information for Algonquian Indians.
    The Algonkian Languages:
        Essay overviewing the Algonkian language family.
    Wikipedia: Algonkian Languages:
        Article on the Algonkian Indians and their languages.
    Algonquian Languages:
        Explanation of the Algonquian languages and their distribution.
    Language Museum: Algonquian:
        Chart comparing vocabulary from four Algonquian languages.
    Amerindian Numerals: Algic Group:
        Glossary of numbers in thirty Algic languages, with posited Proto-Algonquian forms.
    The Algonquian Conferences:
        Algonquianist papers and resources from an annual linguistics conference.
    Linguist List: Algonquians' Homeland:
        Algonquian Indian language distribution and the regional migration of the Algonquians.
    BC Native Languages: Algonkian:
        Linguistic classification of Algonkian languages in British Columbia.
    Algonquian Etymology of Chicago:
        Discussion of the Algonquian origin of the city's name.
    Algonquins or Algonkians?:
        Definition of the terms Algonquin, Algonkin, Algonquian, and Algonkian.
    Neshnabe Institute for Cultural Studies:
        Educational organization promoting Algonquian languages and cultures.
    ELFIALA Algonquian Language Archive:
        Online courses and other resources to learn Algonkian languages.
    Algonquian Family of Indians:
        Article on the Algonquian tribes and their languages.
    Algonquian Bibliography * Algonkian Linguistics Resources:
        Bibliographies of Algonkian language materials.
    Algic Languages * Algonquian Indian Research:
        Algonkian language links.
    T.R.A.I.L.S. Indigenous Language Education Program:
        Selling software for Algonquian and other native language learning and recording.

    Links about the Algonquian Peoples

    Algonquian Facts for Kids:
        Information about culture, history, and traditions among Algonquian Indians in different parts of the country.
    Algonquian Mythology:
        Collection of Algonquian stories and legends.
    Native American Language Map: * Distribution of Algic Languages:
        Historical maps depicting the areas where Algonquian speakers lived.
    Eastern Woodland Hunters:
        Museum site about the Algonquian-speaking tribes of the Eastern Woodlands, with pictures.
    Algonquian Nations:
        Links about Algonquians today.

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