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Native Languages of the Americas:
Iroquoian Language Family (Iroquois Languages)

Iroquoian languages are spoken in the eastern US and southeast Canada.

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The Iroquoian languages include:

  • Northern Iroquoian Languages
  • Central Iroquoian Languages
  • Tuscarora
  • Nottoway
  • Lake Iroquoian Languages
  • Mohawk-Oneida Languages
  • Mohawk
  • Oneida
  • Seneca-Onondaga Languages
  • Cayuga
  • Onondaga
  • Seneca
  • Huronian Languages
  • Erie
  • Huron/Wyandot
  • Laurentian (St. Lawrence Iroquoian)
  • Susquehannock
  • Southern Iroquoian Languages
  • Cherokee (Tsalagi)
  • Lost/Unattested/Uncertain Iroquoian Languages:
  • Meherrin
  • Neutral
  • Petun
  • Wenro
  • Native Languages

    Our Iroquoian Language Features

    Iroquoian Words:
         Vocabulary words in various Iroquoian languages.

    Links to Other Iroquoian Language Resources

    Iroquoian Language Group:
         Ethnologue of Iroquoian languages.
    The Iroquoian Languages:
        Iroquoian language fact sheet, with a diagram of Iroquoian linguistic relationships.
    A History of the Iroquoian Languages:
        Dissertation on Iroquoian historical linguistics, with a thorough survey of Proto-Iroquoian research.
    Facts For Kids: The Iroquois:
        Questions and answers about Iroquoian people in the past and today.
    Wikipedia: Iroquoian Languages:
        Overview of the Iroquoian Indian languages, their history and distribution.
    Iroquoian Family of Indians:
        Article on the Iroquoian tribes and their languages.
    Iroquoian Languages:
         Links related to the Iroquoians and their languages.

    Iroquoian Language Materials Available Offline
    Our organization earns a commission from any book bought through these links

    Bibliography Of The Iroquoian Languages:
         Pilling's venerable survey of Iroquoian linguistic studies.
    A Comparative Study of Lake-Iroquoian Accent:
         Study of Iroquoian phonological and morphophonemic linguistics.
    Oneida Dictionary * Onondaga Dictionary * Cayuga Dictionary:
        Series of scholarly Iroquois language dictionaries.

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