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Native American Genealogical Queries

We have gotten a few requests to identify people's Native American ancestors from old photographs. This is not our field of specialty and we cannot accurately identify people's tribe from their dress or jewelry in most cases, but we are glad to post the pictures on our site (as well as whatever information you would like to share about them-- when and where they were born is particularly useful information) to see whether anyone we know might be related to you! So far, here are the pictures that have been sent to us, along with what we've been able to guess about them so far:

Annie White Shield
Naoma Valentine Stevens
Charles Stinking Bear
Bettie Dunn (aka Oo-la-ea-naquah, Lucy Connor)
Elizabeth Howard

If you'd like us to post a picture for you, please send it to Laura and she will take care of it. Good luck in your search!

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