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Guahibo Indian Language (Sicuani, Sikuani, Hiwi, Jiwi)

Guahibo is a Guahiboan language of South America.
Guahibo is spoken by around 30,000 people in Colombia and Venezuela.

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Guahibo Language Resources

Guahibo Language * Guahibo Phonology * Guahibo Vowels * Guahibo Orthography * Guahibo Text * Lengua Guahibo:
    Scanned-in Guahibo language texts from the Rosetta Project.
Guahibo Genesis Translation * Guahibo Bible * The Lord's Prayer in Guahibo * Language Museum: Guahibo:
    Translations of Bible passages and Christian prayers into Guahibo.
La Lengua Wahivo:
    Guahibo language information including linguistic maps of Colombia and Venezuela. Page in Spanish.
House of Languages: Sikuani/Guahibo * Macaguan * Playero:
    Information about Guahibo language usage.
Ethnologue: Guahibo:
    Demographic information on the Guahibo language.
Guajibo Language Tree:
    Theories about Guahibo's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
Guahibo Language Structures:
    Guahibo linguistic profile and academic bibliography.
    Encyclopedia articles on the Guahibo language.

Guahibo Culture and History Links

Orinoco Online: Hiwi:
    Culture and traditions of the Guahibo, with photographs of Guahibo artifacts.
Guahibo-Sikuani Culture:
    Articles on the history, culture, and traditional religion of the Guahibo tribe and their neighbors.

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Links, References, and Additional Information

  Wikipedia: Guahibo * Guajibo People:
  Encyclopedia articles on the Guahibos and their language.
  Los Guahibo * Grupo Indígena Guahibo * Pueblo Guahibo:
  Information about the Guahibos in Spanish.

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