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Native American Legends: Ixtcibenihehat (Spider of Heaven)

Name: Ixtcibenihehat
Tribal affiliation: Gros Ventre
Alternate spellings: Ihityebi-Nihaat , Ihichebi-Nihant, Ihcebe-Nihat
Pronunciation: similar to ih-hih-cheh-bih-nih-hawt
Also known as: Spider of Heaven, Man Above, Creator, Chebbeniathan
Type: High god, Creator
Related figures in other tribes: Maheo (Cheyenne), Gitchie Manitou (Anishinabe), Tabaldak (Abenaki), Gisoolg (Mi'kmaq)

Ixtcibenihehat means "Spider Above" or "Spider of Heaven" in the Gros Ventre language, and is the Gros Ventre name for the Creator (God,) as distinguished from the earthly Nihaat. The name is often translated in English as "Man Above," since the literal form of a spider is not ascribed to Ihityebi-Nihaat. Some people believe that Nihaat and Ihityebi-Nihaat were originally the same mythological entity, and split into two figures after trickster legends were borrowed from the Crow and Sioux.

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