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Kaska Language (Tahltan, Tagish, Nahanni)

Kaska is an Athabascan language spoken by the Kaska people ("Kaska Dena" in their own language) of Northern Canada. Languages spoken by two other tribes, the Tahltan and the Tagish, are so closely related to Kaska that most linguists consider them dialects of the same language (like American and British English.) Taken together, the three languages (often referred to as Nahane or Nahanni) are spoken by around 500 people in the Yukon and northern British Columbia.

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Kaska Language
Kaska language samples and resources.

Kaska Culture and History
Information and links about the Kaska Indians past and present.

Kaska Indians Fact Sheet
Our answers to common questions about the Kaskas.

Kaska Legends
Introduction to Kaska Indian mythology.

Kaska Language Resources

Our Online Kaska Materials

Kaska Vocabulary:
    List of vocabulary words in the Kaska language, with comparison to words in other Athabaskan languages.
Kaska Animal Words:
     Illustrated glossary of animal words in the Kaska language.
Kaska Numbers:
    Worksheet showing how to count in the Kaska language.

Kaska Language Lessons and Linguistic Descriptions

Native Languages in the Yukon: Kaska * Native Languages in the Yukon: Tagish:
     Overviews of Kaska and Tagish from the Yukon Native Language Centre, who also sell Athabaskan language materials.
Kaska Language Website
     Language learning materials from the First Nations Languages Program at UBC.
Tahltan Language Lessons
     Language learning materials from the Tałtan Revitalization Language Program.
Kaska Language Bibliography * Tahltan Language Bibliography
     Linguistic bibliographies of Nahane language materials.
     Alaskan Athapascan fonts for Windows, including the Kaskan language and eight others.
Kaska Language Plaque * Tahltan Language Plaque
     Canadian human rights tribute written in Kaska and Tahltan Athapascan.
House of Languages: Tahltan:
    Information about Tahltan language usage.
Kaska Language * Tagish Language * Tahltan Language
     Demographic information on the Nahanni language dialects from the Ethnologue of Languages.
Kaska Language Tree * Tahltan Language Tree * Tagish Language Tree:
    Theories about Kaska's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.

Kaska Dictionaries, Audio Tapes and Language Resources
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We Are Our Language: An Ethnography of Language Revitalization in a Northern Athabaskan Community:
    Interesting book about Kaska language and cultural revival in the Yukon.

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Links, References, and Additional Information

Kaska Tribe:
Kaska links.
Lengua Tahltan-Kaska-Tagish:
Articles on the Kaska language in Spanish.
Kaska Tribe:
Kaska Indian books.

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