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Laurentian (Stadaconan)

Laurentian is an extinct Iroquoian language of Quebec, once spoken along the banks of the St. Lawrence River. Actually there were originally more than one Laurentian language, but due to scanty records it is impossible to tell whether they were mutually comprehensible dialects or a group of related but distinct languages. The Laurentian people had been dispersed by the early 17th century, and the only remnants of the language surviving today are vocabularies noted by French explorers in the 1500's.

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Laurentian Language Resources

Laurentian Vocabulary
     Our list of vocabulary words in the Stadaconan language, with comparison to words in other Iroquoian languages.
Laurentian Language
     Demographic information about Laurentian from the Ethnologue of Languages.
Laurentian Language Tree:
    Theories about Laurentian's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
Lengua Laurentino
     Information about the Laurentian language in Spanish.
A Vocabulary of Stadaconan
     Dictionary of the Stadaconan/Laurentian language for sale. (Amazon affiliate link.)

Laurentian Culture and History Links

St. Lawrence Iroquoians
     History and archaeology of the Laurentian Iroquois, with a map and illustrations.
Canadian Peoples: Iroquoians:
    Ethnography of the St. Lawrence Iroquoians and other Iroquoian tribes of Canada.
New York Indian Maps:
    Tribal map showing the original territory of the Laurentian Indians and their neighbors in New York.
Saint Lawrence Iroquois
     Article on Laurentian history and pottery.

Books for sale on the Laurentians

A History Of The Native People Of Canada: Maritime Algonquian and St. Lawrence Iroquois
     History book covering the Laurentians and Wabanaki peoples.
A Vocabulary of Stadaconan
     Dictionary of the Stadaconan/Laurentian language for sale.

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Links, References, and Additional Information

  Wikipedia: St. Lawrence Iroquoians:
  Encyclopedia articles on the Laurentian Indians
  Iroquoiens du Saint-Laurent:
  Information about the Laurentians in French.

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