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Native American Quail Mythology

Quail do not play a major role in the folklore of Native American tribes. They are considered modest and humble birds by many Southwestern tribes, and the Pueblo people associate quail with the earth.

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Quail are also used as clan animals in some Native American cultures. Tribes with Quail Clans include the Mohave and Cahto tribes. Some tribes, such as the Creek and Cherokee, also have a Quail Dance among their tribal dance traditions.

Native American Quail Gods and Spirits

Kawaspi Kachina (Hopi)
Popkpeknos (Seneca)

Native American Legends About Quails

Coyote and the Quails:
    Pima legend about a family of Indian quails getting the better of Coyote.
The Thunder Nation and the Eagle:
    Cherokee legend about the powers given by Eagle to Quail and other birds.

Recommended Books of Quail Stories from Native American Myth and Legend
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Spirits of the Earth: A Guide to Native American Nature Symbols, Stories, and Ceremonies:
    Book about the meanings of Indian animal spirits, including a chapter on quails.
Flights of Fancy: Birds in Myth, Legend, and Superstition:
    A good book on the meaning of quail and other birds in world mythology, including Native North America.
Birds of Algonquin Legend:
    Interesting collection of legends about bobwhite quails and other birds in Algonquian tribes.

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