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Silver Bracelet

These are pictures of a Southwest Indian silver bracelet (possibly Navajo.) Does anyone have any information about it? The stamp appears to read "Sterling" (probably referring to the quality of the silver, not to the artist's English name) and features a broken or bent arrow with small lines radiating out from it.

Possible identification: A silversmithing aficianado has written to us to suggest the stamp may be the hallmark of a contemporary, non-Native jeweler named Kay Johnson. Here is another example of his work, showing the same bent arrow shape, similar radiating decorations, and the same lack of any initials (used by most Navajo silversmiths.) If it is the same artist, then this bracelet would have been made within the past 40 years since the artist's online bio says he began crafting silver and turquoise jewelry in the 1970's.

If anyone has more information about this piece of jewelry or the signature stamp, please let us know. Thank you!

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