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"America the Beautiful" in Ojibway

We've been asked a few times now for translations of the United States national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner," into Ojibwe or another Native American language. None of us knows of any native-language version of this song, and we're not sure there's ever been one. However, we did come across this lovely Ojibwe version of "America the Beautiful":

America Miikawadad

Gchigiizhig miikawadad,
Mashkode ozaawaa.
Gchiwajiw miikawadad,
Mitigoog miinwanoon.

America, America,
Wiikaanisindewin, gabeyi
Gigamiin waaseyaag.

It looks like some of the grammar in the Ojibwe translation has been a bit simplified,
probably so as to fit better into the meter of the song, but the literal meaning is basically this:

The great sky is beautiful,
The prairie is golden yellow.
The great mountain is beautiful,
The trees bear plentiful fruit.

America, America,
Let yourself be blessed
by brotherhood, between
your waters that shine.

(Author unknown--please contact us if you have any more information about this song.)

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