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Native American Legends: Charred Body

Name: Charred Body
Alternate spellings: Charred-Body
Tribal affiliation: Hidatsa, Crow
Native names: Iixua Araxaash, Alapooshish, Balapooshe
Type: Native heroes

Charred Body is a Hidatsa hero who led the people to the earth from their original home in the sky. However, he also introduced murder to the world by killing a woman who insulted him. Charred Body was the uncle of the sacred twins Lodge-Boy and Thrown-Away. In some Crow legends his name is given as the father of the sacred twins, without the Hidatsa story of migration and murder.

Charred Body Stories

*Charred Body and First Creator:
    Hidatsa myth about Charred Body, the Great Migration, and the origin of murder.

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