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Native American Legends: Drinks Brain Soup

Name: Drinks Brain Soup
Tribal affiliation: Arikara
Also Known As: Drinks Brains
Native names: Tapaxčirahčiíka
Pronunciation: tah-pakh-chi-rah-chee-kah
Type: Hero twins
Related figures in other tribes: Curtain Boy (Crow), Village Boy (Caddo), Lodge Boy (Hidatsa)

Drinks Brain Soup is the name of an Arikara hero, one of a pair of magical twins. Despite his gruesome-sounding name, Drinks Brain Soup is not a monster or a cannibal... his pregnant mother was killed, and his father took him from her womb and sustained him on a broth made from deer brains in place of mother's milk. His twin brother Long Teeth was magically generated from the afterbirth.

Drinks Brain Soup Stories

*Long Teeth and Drinks Brain Soup:
    The saga of the Arikara twin heroes.

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