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Native American Legends: Found-in-Grass

Name: Found-in-Grass
Tribal affiliation: Arapaho
Alternate spellings: Found-in-the-Grass, Found in Grass, Found in the Grass
Native names: Bii'oxúyoo, Bii'oxiyoo
Pronunciation: bee-akh-uh-yaw
Type: Folk hero, Poor boy
Related figures in other tribes: Burnt-Belly (Pawnee), Wets-The-Bed (Wichita)

Found-in-Grass is a hero from Arapaho folklore. Like many Plains Indian folk heroes, he was a poor, dirty boy who was looked down upon by his tribe, but used his innate magical powers and his determined attitude to rise above his humble origins and become a great chief. In some versions of the story Found-in-Grass is an orphan, while in others, he is actually the mythical twin Spring-Boy, displaced from his family by Whirlwind-Woman. Whatever his origins, he is adopted by a poor old woman and grows to do great deeds, including winning the love of the chief's daughter and leading the first buffalo hunt.

Found-in-Grass Stories

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