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Native American Legends: Hadui (Haidu, Hump)

Name: Hadui
Tribal affiliation: Iroquois
Alternate spellings: Haidu
Pronunciation: hah-doo-ee
Also known as: Hump
Type: Dwarves
Related figures in other tribes: Puckwudgies (Wampanoag), Mikm (Micmac), Paissa (Miami)

Hadui Stories

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Skywoman: Legends of the Iroquois:
    Wonderful illustrated collection of Iroquois Indian legends, by Oneida and Mohawk authors.
Legends of the Iroquois:
    Another good book of Iroquois stories, told by a Mohawk elder.
The Deetkatoo:
    Traditional tales about pukwudgies and other little people from 14 different Native American tribes.

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