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Native American Legends: Ioi (Yo'i)

Name: Ioi
Tribal affiliation: Chinook
Alternate spellings: Io'i, Yo'i, Iô'i
Pronunciation: yoh-ee
Type: Native American heroines, Wise women

Ioi is the long-suffering older sister of the trickster character Bluejay, and the butt of many of his jokes. One of the most common storylines in Chinook legends involves Ioi making reasonable comments to Bluejay which he then interprets in some ridiculous way (similar to modern Amelia Bedelia stories.) At other times, Ioi gives her brother sensible advice which he tells everyone was his own idea.

Ioi Stories

*Blue Jay Visits Ghost Town * Ioi and the Ghost Husband:
    Chinook Indian legends about the Blue-Jay and I'oi in the Land of the Dead.

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    Collection of legends and folktales from the Chinook and other northwestern tribes.

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