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Native American Legends: Shunka Warak'in (Ringdocus)

Name: Shunka Warak'in
Tribal affiliation: Ioway
Alternate spellings: Shunka Ware'kin, Sunka Waregin, Sunka Are Gian
Pronunciation: shoon-kah wah-ray-keen
Also known as: Ringdocus
Type: Monster

Shunka Warak'in is a nocturnal monster from Ioway folklore. Its name means "carries off dogs," because it is said to prey on family dogs at night. It was said to be a beast resembling a large wolf, with human-like cries. Shunka Warak'in has been associated by some people with a hyena-like creature from local Montana folklore called "ringdocus."

Shunka Warekin Stories

*Shunka Warakin:
    Wikipedia article about the Shunka Warakin and its relationship to the ringdocus cryptid.

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