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Native American Legends: Tirawa (Atius Tirawa)

Name: Tirawa
Tribal affiliation: Pawnee
Pronunciation: tee-rah-wah
Also known as: Tirawa Atius, Atius Tirawa, Tiriwa, Atiuch, Atius
Type: Native American Creator, high god
Related figures in other tribes: Neshanu (Arikara), Sky Chief (Caddo), Gitche Manitou (Chippewa)

Atius Tirawa is the Creator god of the Pawnee tribe, who made the human race and set the other gods to their tasks. His name means "Father Above" in the Pawnee language. Sometimes the Plains Indian term "Great Spirit" is also used. Tirawa Atius is a divine spirit who is not generally personified in Caddo folklore.

Tirawa Stories

*Tirawa Atius and the Creation:
    Pawnee myth about Tirawa Atius creating the world.

Recommended Books of Related Native American Legends
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The Pawnee Mythology:
    Extensive collection of Pawnee legends and traditional stories.
Hold Up The Sky:
    Anthology of legends from the Pawnee and other Southern Plains tribes.

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