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Native American Legends: Tivaci

Name: Tivaci
Tribal affiliation: Chemehuevi
Alternate spellings: Tivachi, Tevatsi, Tipaci
Also known as: Wolf
Type: Animal gods, creators, wolves
Related figures in other tribes: Isa (Shoshone)

Tivaci is Wolf, the wise older brother of Coyote. Wolf usually plays the "straight man" in Chemehuevi stories, bringing Coyote back to life whenever his antics get him killed and scolding him for his bad behavior. Some versions of Chemehuevi myths name this character Puma instead.

Tivaci Stories

*Coyote Tales of the Mojave Desert:
    Coyote and Wolf stories from the Chemehuevi, Kawaiisu and Tubatulabal tribes.
*Chemehuevi Religious Beliefs and Practices:
    Anthropology article on the mythology and ritual life of the Chemehuevi people.

Recommended Books of Related Native American Legends
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Mirror and Pattern: George Laird's World of Chemehuevi Mythology:
    Collection of legends and folklore recorded by the wife of a Chemehuevi story-teller.

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